Passing Grades In Class Read Count : 10

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You go head with your bad self. Daddy is proud of all three y’all’s. Continue working and studying in class. Not acting the fool and skipping school. Making the higher list of honor roll student. Useding your heads and forefilled those dreams. And not hanging around with the bad crowds. That’s what’s up passing your test. Headed up to the next grade levels. When y’all was little. Yall always tells us. Someday y’all wanted to be successful like teacher, Paster and role model. That’s the biggest celebration. When y’all graduated. My kids.We will celebrated. Y’all can bring your best friends too if y’all like. This is the day for all students with their caps and grawn. Walking with the rest of the groups. In the final high school. About to grow up for an adults into college to make a difference.


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