Let It Go On The Bad Relationship Read Count : 71

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Sub Category : Rap
We getting into a biggest argument. Due to disagreements with others stuff. He wanna curse me out. If I don’t agree to the same terms. Throwing fits in the diner room table. Walking away with an nasty attitude. At work busy writing files information for the boss. The office phone begins to ringing on my desk. I rushing to answer the phone the same disgusting voice. From my boyfriend. He wanna disrespect me about the form. And to filling out. I said Listen boy! I not going to agree anything that’s isn’t right! He got so angry at me with rage and stuffs throwing in the background. I don’t need a man keeps getting on my nerves. With confusing going around me and my home. In my family house talking about us. He let his father knows about disagreement on the paper. His family looking at me crazy. Even ladies going threw the same situations I’m in.


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