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Getting angry at my brother. So many attentions on our house. Little smile from the kid. I never have that when I was little. My mom was too busy notices me and dad always at work. Now it’s all about him for a funny five year old child. At my grandparents house watching the cowboy movie. He gets cookies and milk from grandma. And grand dad buying him present. When that boy opens up its XBOXS. I always wanted one. I drop my mouth and said what the hack. Why I can’t get a video game. He said I’m too old for toys. And your grandma will buying you an ugly Christmas sweaters. I got pissed and walking out the door. While little brother so spoiler. With treatments and presents. My grandparents never giving me any video games. It’s always one dollar bill. I sick of this crap and headed to the park. I know my family doesn’t even care about me.


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