Highway Road To Paradise Read Count : 52

Category : Songs

Sub Category : Rock
On my motorcycle driving around! In the desert hot with sun! Feeling the breezes with my hair! Flowing out! The biker gang travels forever! I vision myself in the paradise with beauties! In the water getting wild! Rubbing my eyes and said Thank you God! Got off my motorcycle looking up and seeing many birds! One stares at me with an funny eye! Picking up the stone and miss the prey! I very lucky crows not this way! Or I be running to find safe place! Looking at the spikes plants! With large sharps will stab like a knife! I rather not mess with the plant after all! Continue to riding on the road! Seeing the find woman with darker hair! Holding her thumbs up to be taking! I said Baby do you wanna ride! Getting naughty with short skirt! I wish she do porn on my motorcycle! Keeps going till she teasing me! I got to take a break and having one night stand!


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