Gold Digger Read Count : 51

Category : Songs

Sub Category : Rap
I can’t stand a man keeps eating up my money. This isn’t a free will with every cash. I got to pay my rent and bills. Get a job you run down bum. And quit acting like a free loading borrowing to much funds. It’s a shame don’t know how to save. And paying rent on time. I can’t stand no good brother. When the video game coming out. You aspected me to paying more on the system. I looking at him crazy and said You got me back. And He’s gives me an dirty look. When the emergency checks came out. I notices how you sound with money. Filled with smiles jumping up and down. He trying to cleaning out my pockets. I hate a greedy son of b******. Can’t pay me back right on time. Everytime I asking about my money. You keeping on giving me a different information. Don’t let no man used you like a Guinea pig. Leaving that jerk alone without any cents.


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