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My feeling is sinking into the sower. After you refuse to take me back. I got so angry with the newer information. Why baby you wanted to moving on. Didn’t mean to be so over rated. Can’t help it sometimes showing feeling about you. I know it’s too late to say apologies. Walking alone thinking about the bad past. Remember I was in the store fighting one and other people. Chasing you back to me. Before we leaving. I just can’t help how I’m am. Talking to my boys and calling you a bad names. Then I sitting under the footsteps alone. Now you decide to break up on me. So much regrets for hurting you so badly. So much falling out of love with you babe. I just wish to say Please come back. Looking out my roof top without any glass. Baby I want you to know if life havent been the same. We used to be so much happier then now. Going places and order the same old meals. I guess this means goodbye to me.


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