Don’t Ever Say You Hating Me Read Count : 32

Category : Songs

Sub Category : R&B/soul
Baby what’s wrong with you this morning. Don’t feeling your touches on my skin. She rolling her eyes at me the worse way. Talking mean and nasty too. Up the birdy is that monster talking I’m hearing. On till hearing her ugly word coming outer from my ears. Chef fixing us a wonderful breakfast this morning. Continue talking to you my honey. She still giving me an odd feeling. With different moods swings. Is you pregnant baba. She shake her head said None of my business. I said Whoa! What the h##! Woman who the hack they done to my angel! She storm out the table with an attitude. What a miserable jack. Can’t believe she doesn’t loving me. With an crazy moods like this. A man will having enough of this mess. I should giving you space if our relationship isn’t working out the right way. At work fixing the ceiling lights. After work I arrive at home. Hearing her talking to someone for concerns.


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