Blues Is Where I’m From Read Count : 48

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Sub Category : Rap
In the city filled with peace. On the cloudy rainy days. No sunshine over our faces. People so busy going to work. I inside the cafe order me some coffee and cake. Enjoying reading my news paper. While the rains making sounds. People rushes to getting inside. Same with Metro buses. Got a car to going on home. The music filled my soul. Driving around alone on the road. I off from work today. Don’t need to shift in tonight. Hangin outside and driving around the hood. People dancing to the music plays. Same with blues with their bands. I got the feeling on the cloudy days. Even sun in the sky playing music for those birds. Listen to my radio with my friend. He just got off from work. Going to the club tonight. With instruments plays on the stage. Getting ready for the night with my flow and dress in suit. Going find me a date.She very pretty like Alicia Keys.


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