All You Can Eat In The Buffet Read Count : 11

Category : Songs

Sub Category : R&B/soul
Here comes big momma. With my husband and three wild children. About to getting into restaurant with many foods and desserts. In the paradise like candy land. I wish Willy Wonka was here with us. So many meals to choose from. Rub my hands with a smile. Others people are judgmental. Wondering what the h**I eating like this. Mind your own business Mr. and Mrs. Health care. Have I ever tell y’all how to eat. Staring my son burger and onions rings. He got me drooping. I rush and got up for the second. Grab me some French fries too. My baby girl laughs and giggles. She loves butter mash potatoes. Mommie knows best before the Saturday. Friday is our special birthday. My daughter Michelle loves some French rolls, sweet potatoes and turkey wrap. This little boy name is Kenney got him a plate filled with goodies. We enjoying all foods can eat.


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