There’s No Privacy In The World I’m In Read Count : 51

Category : Songs

Sub Category : Rock
In the bathroom taking my shower! Mind my own business washing myself! Hearing sounds like a microphone! Gives me the creeps! Till I notices the hole on my side. With a little black dots!  There’s someone watching me! Or so much attention! In the living room watching my movies!  Alone on the couch! Stretching my inside for the moment! Till a post picking up comments. They said I was nasty with infection! And I drop my mouth and screaming with rage! I notices tv got a web camera too! And I can’t unplug the back of my screen! I in the world with spywares! Together with my date! Driving around my lex! Kissing and hugging her too! On till I hearing the clicking noise! My woman slapped my face! And she left my car! I got so angry and driving away! I can’t stand those systems with government! Making rules to evading my space! There’s no hope for me to relax! In my home all alone!


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