My Face Is The Blood Read Count : 44

Category : Songs

Sub Category : Rock
Red like a rose with tears! Liquid dripping down from my eyes! Color like look-aid! Need the doctor to checking up! Sense of smells on my face! Paint the picture! Just like a scary movie! Running down like waterfalls! Drinking my wine with cherry! Tears won’t stop falling down! With nerves break down! Everything just keeps crashing on! Just like injuries of my eye! Increase’s blood floats hundred percent! Got a song to sing! Revelation in the Bible! With a mark make it worse! Complaining the apple of my eye! Can’t stand the moment of silence! The blood came from my system! Won’t stop from floating within us! Vision nightmares at night with blood dripping on low! So much napkins to cleaning up the mess! Just like the great flood!


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