Losing You Read Count : 43

Category : Songs

Sub Category : Pop
Our relationship haven’t been great. What a bad years and our hoildays. Getting into fights all the time. I’m worry about so much mistake you making. If you don’t watch out. Somebody will getting hold of you. In my heart always this words baby. Waking up alone in my bed. While you still out acting the fool. So much noise coming outside. Till you yielding in the night. What on earth you doing there. And scare of him keeps putting threats in letters. What’s going on with his head. I don’t know if I wanted to leaving him alone. That’s will confuse my soul. Everybody used to getting alone. But now so much violence in the neighborhood. Others days things gets good. And peaceful without any harm. Then comes the rage next day with craziness words shouting out of his voice. That’s scare the crap out of me. In the world filled with lost of joy. Calm him down before things gets intense.


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