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Getting my body massage today. Just got off from work. My back is aching and legs feeling pain. Can’t walking straight to the building. Seeing the wonderful sign in China town. Today was exciting day. Not very stressful. I was too busy with people. While working hard. Accidentally hurting my back and legs. Getting my body taking care to feeling much better. I need a nurse to cure my problems. When it’s come of aching pains. I am glad nobody bigger stepping my back. Panic in the wrestling ring with big woman smash me in half. Crying in tears with her strength pulling pressure into my back. Walking out with an ice bag. I buying myself some pain pills in the store. In the wonderful town getting my body massage in the even. After back massage it’s my legs and the neck too. I am so scare of needles into my back. When I going home to my bed. Sleeping the rest of my night. 


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