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Long Way to
😁  MERRY X-MAS  ! 😁

Pouring waters cold to fade
Echoes gay of laughter gone
Stood January grinning wide
Throwing bills with impish smiles
As the climbing lane we faced

February March naughty too
On the side lane stood to boo
But for April May and June
Homey stretch to bring recall
Promise of the hilltop thrills
Scaling up a year would kill

And now with the hike way done
Chiming jingles louder gets
Mocking out the toil begone
As the spreading joy Divine
Hymns rhyme and tempo hots
Welcoming a Noel begun

All the way with Jingly bells
For a new king born to hail
Making merry trading gifts
Sharing wide the Xmas cheer
As heavens and earth rejoice
And for one more year we gear


Merry Xmas Everybody!!


  • Jan 17, 2023

  • Guy Watkins

    Guy Watkins


    Jan 17, 2023

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