Getting Drink In The Club Read Count : 48

Category : Songs

Sub Category : R&B/soul
We party like it’s Friday. In the club bay down dirty south. Going crazy like New Years. Mixing hard with some rocks. Don’t need a heters in the V.I.P. Living like the main big boss. Dancing with some hottest men. In the club for the night. Keeping on drinking on till tispy. Ain’t leaving till six in the morning. On the pole like a stripper. Spinning around on till accidentally puck. There’s goes a sexy guy got angry and walking away. In the alley for the night. Smoke some weed with my friends. Got my stickers on my waist to go back in. Feeling the buzz like Mary Jane. Dancing hard on the floor. Others couples getting laid. Feeling in the move song the song. Pop my booty like black girls. Going crazy alone with another girl. Getting war star hype in the street. Playing off when police showing up.


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