Dark Secrets Read Count : 50

Category : Songs

Sub Category : R&B/soul
I can’t telling my baby girl about dirty rough past. Our relationship will crumble straight into the ground. If I reveals what done will destroy our marry. Oh, no what I do. With the nightmares and sexual causing into her lives. Hidden my note book inside our trash can. So worry the truth about me will comes true. Sitting on the sofa and having a talk. While my sweet heart smiling with her ear rings. Something is borther me from within my soul. She wonder what’s the hurry to the kitchen. I hidden the book insode our can. She sense an rat inside the can. The telephone is ringing on and on. I grab the phone it’s was my ex wife. My princess doesn’t even know I went back to her. With hearts and candies at her front door. My woman wanna to know who was that. She calling the service with the matching number.


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