Being Punish For Nothing Read Count : 50

Category : Songs

Sub Category : Childrens
Outside playing with my little sister ontill something is broken. I running into our house. The dog and cat running around the whole house. Everything is broken and damage. I trying to catch my dog and cat too. When my parents finally arrive home from shopping. They screaming and shouting at me. I said Mom, dad it’s wasn’t me destroying our home. While cat is hiding in her den. And dog rushing out the door. My parents telling me going to my bedroom. Stare into my bedroom and slam the door. My little sister trying to explain to our parents. But still they think I wrong. The dog remain outside by his dog house at night. And our cat inside the cage too. Those bad animals must got punished too. While dog in tears and same for our cat. Looking out my window and can’t going outside till grounded is over.


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