You My Sunshine Till It’s End Read Count : 9

Category : Songs

Sub Category : R&B/soul
Hey baby spending my last time together. Looking at the memories what we have forever. Holding you on my arms with sexy smile. Talking about our past and life time. I know the sun gets deeper into our cities. People begins to panic and others escape their homes. Same with peps. The heat weave started to rising. With low supports and water too. Little children playing in the field. It’s so sad watching people passing away. Dying from the heat stroke due to global warning. We wish to have a spaceships to rescue many people In saftey. Watching others taking off in the sky. Holding my boyfriend hand and said Everything isn’t ok. With tears in my eyes I gave him one last kiss. Storms picking up and ocean outer control. People trying to escape but it’s too late boats in sea. The sun final hour.


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