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On the journey to Africa. Travel miles with my cambel. So sunny and hot. I got to cover my face. There’s no trees to stay in the shade. So much sun makes me sweat. Looking for water finally found a small town. So many kind hearted people in Libra. Reading the Bible about Exodus. Getting me a room for the night to rest. It’s cool money for service and help me out. My cambel sleeps outside with his rest. Up,oh a dancing cobra. I’m afriad of snakes. Staring at the soldier handsome with courage. Walking with my cambel to eating some food. The rose breakfast is good and healty. I on my way to travel alone on the road. Little bugs pushing a ball of rock. And I watching out for scorpions passing by. In Egypt study about the history. Mummies gives me the creeps. While inside the tomb. If I was a princess promise to rule and love. Seeing the statue of legends and goddess. My cambel laying down and resting alone. Libra before sand storm.


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