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On the Metro bus just waking up. Looking at my watch and drop my mouth. Notices my parents going to kick my butt. I am late coming on home. When I accidentally got off instead asking the bus driver where is the bus station. In the express way zone. With an field and few stores cross town. I stretched my head with confusing. I walking as far can be. My feet started to hurting really bad. Going crazy with the pain. And itching really bad. Never hear about the west street. Few people living that nice neighborhood. Maybe my mom and dad will love to living there. My cell phone charge is dead. That’s sucks no answer from my parents. They probably sick and worry. I continue walking to the store before dark. In the store asking the worker for an telephone. I walking straight to the booth. Few people staring at me strange. Let my parents know I over slept in the bus. If any where they can come pick me up.


  • Dec 15, 2022

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