Team Up Against Me Read Count : 39

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Sub Category : Rap
So much enemies in the world attacking me. With many words and threats all the time. Just like the son of God have the same too. With a problem in the hood person face. I sick of tired this madness. Too many issues in this world today. With no getting alone. Outside water plants by my house. Bad kids throwing toliet papers at my trees. I got so upset and throwing back at their cars. Got to cleaning up the whole trees. Nasty kids got crap stains on those. Shaking my head and neighbors looking at me. I don’t know what that’s about. I just the only one person needs respect. In the store shopping for food and buying me some cleaners. People spreading false rumors about me. I have to say something and getting outer my chest. Some people doesn’t know me well. With my heart and trust going out to people. Don’t talking down about people you don’t even know.


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