So Much Cash In The Bank Read Count : 33

Category : Songs

Sub Category : Pop
At work filling out those papers. Can’t wait I going on home. And checking my balance. While it’s windy blowing hard outside. On the computer getting finish my work. When it’s time for me to leave. I checking my balance in my car. Drop my mouth with a supprise. I got million dollars inside my bank. I jumping out of my car with joy. Never in my life having money this big. Must be the will from my family. I moving out my lower income apartment. Getting me a big house with nice car too. Picture myself marry to a woman with three beautiful kids. Don’t have to panic during emergency outcast. Got security system to saving us all. I got a plane to catch on vacation. And business trips too. I feeling good just like my boss. Not giving up the work I in. Filling papers during the day. And headed on home at night.


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