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Sub Category : Pop
Don’t having time to waiting all day. Got an appointment for my interview. Jump off my college bed. Straight into the restroom. Brushing my teeth and cleaning my skin at the same time. Speeding my hair with the blow dryer. While others girls sleeping alone or others. Running to the bus stop. Many kids getting ready for school. With my heels on so glad my feet didn’t hurt. Got to looking good for my day. While others people got better things to do. Don’t having much time to relax. Listen to my inner self. If I don’t focus myself be into trouble. Looking at the time on my watch. Waiting for the Metro bus to arrive. Others people lucky they didn’t have to work. It’s a shame sadness days for layoffs. I on my way to the interview. And search for the job. And be ready on my days. Don’t got to worry been broke in college. Got the J.O.B with no problem.


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