Our Life In The World Today Read Count : 10

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Sub Category : Rap
Changes still taking time. So much global warning in the weather. New Years continues went wrong. So much bad days headed our way. The same laws and ruling outer controls. We dealing with a threat in the White House. Continue walking the pathway to hell. Hope for the best and a brighter day. There’s a problem in the city we from. So much grief and pains we’re  going threw. In the system filling with data. Ain’t no turning back to time. People wearing face masks trying to stop the poison. So much illness making people sick. Sitting outside on the bench. Waiting for the Metro bus. There’s an enemy trying taking people lives. We don’t know what life brings us. Till reaching the final days. Getting on my knees to praying for better days. If I just having one wish from the shooting star. To be alright my brothers and sisters. Without an hero on earth. We losing so many hopes.


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