No Rest In My Bedroom Read Count : 42

Category : Songs

Sub Category : Pop
Can’t sleep in my room due to so much noise. I notices people hanging in the hallway. Looking out my peek hole. Open my door and saw my neighbor party next to the hall. I got so upset and calling the landlord. Around 12:00a.m the midnight. Telling him to turn the music off. People laughs and said Go to sleep early bird. I got so angry and turn off his stereo. They pushes me out his apartment. And slam the door too. I got mad the music blasting again. Walking back in to calling the cops. Police finally shows up. Hearing the music turns off. I smiling really big. After police left the music back on. I trying to place pillow over my head. That didn’t work. I running next door. Keeps banging and screaming. There’s no answer in his apartment. I walking down stairs to shut off their breaker. Others notices electric is off. I feeling relief with peace and quiet.


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