Love The Sweet Of Taboo Read Count : 52

Category : Songs

Sub Category : reggae
Loving my brother to death. Got my eyes on him for so long. Don’t even care what others said. In the history where our families did the same. My boo means so much to me. I so glad to marry him over random. Walking together hand to hand. So much connection from us. Just like two peas in the pie. You met so much to me. Don’t need a drama with yielding and foghting. Baby I supprise you with my respect. I help you the rest of way. Don’t need the stranger with no love. We are one for love in sight. Baby on the holidays we spend together. Someday we will be bless with many children. Snowing falling down from our home. So beautiful with a special kiss. It’s normal to be family and lover. Leaving the hearts breaker alone. Got my eyes on you babe. With sunshine from the weather. Don’t need no one but you babe.


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