I Did Funny Bones Read Count : 49

Category : Songs

Sub Category : Rock
Hey girl what’s up with bigger brains and brighter ideas! You’re my type in this world. Longer hair I do care! People laughing and said Dude that girl looks funny! I said She my type of style! With the Heights and large hips! She just special with her bones! Too different from me and other girls! Looking threw you in the window! During rainy days! I wish we be together in the land! With no one around! Holding onto you the best I can! Let you know nobody just like you! Walking around in the park holding hands! You aspect me baby I show you supprise into my heart and soul! Nobody perfect my girl! Just the same like us too! People made say some hurtful words! They just want to put tears into your eyes! That’s ok they getting one last laughs! When meeting up with an comedy stars! Just a normal woman with your special body!


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