Homeless With No Hope Read Count : 9

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Living homeless out the street. Got evicted out my house. Didn’t runaway from home. So much problem from my fund. My parents not answer their telephone. I so alone in outdoor world. Young adult sitting on the corner. I holding my sign up for some help. Others people stares and walking away. Without supports I’m lost. Can’t go anywhere else. I’m afraid my clothes will be gone. My house I have so long. Now alone outside the street. Digging in trash cans for some food. Picking up coins for connections. Travel around when the sky begins to rainy or snow. Watching people smiling with their families. I wonder if my parents care about me. On till they move away too. The shelter is full. I only living in the box. I used the public bathrooms at the gas stations. Lost my funds from my parents. Now there’s no hopeful for my future.


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