God Don’t Like Ugly Read Count : 62

Category : Songs

Sub Category : R&B/soul
People do wicked things that makes our God angry. So much stormy weather with the powerful rage. He knows you committed a sin. Against the glory in his words. With so much downcast from Satan is winning your soul to hell. God is watching you every steps miles away. No matter where you are. He got his eye on you. So much downward and pain. Turning into rage. Refusing to believing the truth. People wanna talking down to the Holy Ghost. With the visible hands of God strike them down and shout. You wanna running into the wilderness of shame. And same for rebellious souls. See our father knows where you wrong at. Jesus Christ died on the cross to forgiven our sins. Without our hero our lives be lost. Men, women and children in risk forever. God knows rather you right or wrong.


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