Dad Leave That Trick Alone Read Count : 60

Category : Songs

Sub Category : R&B/soul
So much complaining about that lady. Keeps picking a fight with my dad. He stays away from crazy women. Used to getting scoop by an mad woman. With an shot gun to his head. Can’t even having a bribe. That woman been nothing but a joke. Putting my dad into the court. At work fixing cars and making sure that works. The same crazy lady keeps stalking him. Disguiced herself an ghost with an Halloween pumpkin. People looking at her crazy. When the man looking up wonder who she staring at. Something tells me to calling the cops. While police arrive dad file complaint on her. That same lady yielding at my dad. She nothing but trouble. At the golf course with his brother. Today is men hang out day. Drinking some beer and taking turns. That same crazy lady almost ran him over. He said That just an b#### from doomsday.


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