Can You Hear Me Now Read Count : 48

Category : Songs

Sub Category : Pop
Sitting on the sofa trying explain to you. Instead your eyes turning the other way. Stretching my head with confusing. Wonder why not listen to me. Are you dead girl with no ears. She gave me an crazy look. She said I understand you. My heart knows you a fool of crap. At home planning  a friends dinner night. Sitting at the chair with my boys. Telling you to come over here with me. Instead you talking to another person. I said What the hack girl. Can you hear me now. She stares at me from the otherside. I shake my head and said Never mind. Then they talking together like a couples. I got angry at her. In our bed together before going to sleep. Baby I got this book for us to reading together. She not listening what I’m said. Her nose to the other direction. I push her off my bed. Now she feeling that force. We got into biggest auring. I yielding paying me much attention. And quit avoiding me.


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