Bad Dog, Naughty Pet Read Count : 14

Category : Songs

Sub Category : Rap
My big doggy keeps running fast. Can’t control his movements. Spike slow down on the side walk. Or you gonna run people over. I running to his rescue. And coffee spills on my head. At home order some pizza. Door Dash got my selection. My same dog up to something. He waiting by my door. When the pizza delivery man shows up. Spike ran out my door and pizza man scream. I shouting at him with anger. My dog eating almost half the pizza. In cage for the night. My dog making to much noise. On till hearing the cage got open. By some neighbor child. I running outside in my back yard. Wondering where my dog. Till I saw him in front of my porch. Making out with someone pooch. I can’t take my dog to the council. He gets to acting up. That dog not listen to me.


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