What He’s And She Said Read Count : 54

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Sub Category : R&B/soul
He said…(Baby sit down and let’s talking about us.) She said…(Ok, What’s the problem do we need to work things out.) He said…(Something going on at the table behide us.) She said…(Baby just mind your business.) He said…(I Know.) He said…( Its time for some changing within our relationship.) She said…(Ok baby, the deal is you need to stop worry so much.) He said…(Ok, how the hack I can order my food and they having a house socialize.) She said…(Listen to me boy. That’s nothing to be concerned about. Just focus on our order before you not eating tonight!) He said…(What about us when things going bad. You know the time when your home boy crash the house.) She said…(Ok baby, I know the party was very rough. And we did got to edges. On till cops shows up on the door. Home boy Mark went to jail while you sneaking out from the back.) They…Laugh out loud.


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