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Waking up in the middle of night. Seeing explosions in the city. Many people taking off and running. All over the block. While soldiers on the rampage attacking. Feeling the heat from that fire. Seeing dead people all over the streets. Hearing cries from frightened children. And few others got cought by those foes. Looking farther rightful safe spot. During the war of terror we all know. Looking down at  the alley. Seeing little boy running with his dog. Massive of shooting in the streets. While people taking off running to shelters. Can’t getting weapons to protect ourselves. It’s been destroyed by those missiles. Living in hell country. Turning the paradise into the ruin. While the newer president smiles with his teeth. Making gambles and money for his pocket. Worries about the lives and controlling with slaves. We hope to find our way to victory United nation.


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