Sick Of Tired Being Nice Read Count : 55

Category : Songs

Sub Category : Pop
Whisper of girls laughing in the air. I shaking my head. Wonder what their saying. So much curious in my mind. Getting bad stares from them. I weave and said What are y’all taking about. Different informations didn’t catching up me. And I change my attitude into the bad girl. At the corner waiting in line. About to watch the play. I the biggest fan of lions. That makes me feel safe and calm. On till these girls capping. So much name calls drives me insane. I standing next to those group. With different personality switch. These girls looking at me strange. I didn’t care starting to smoke my cigarette and smile. And they walking away together doing the same thing. My mom got a boyfriend. He giving me an crazy look. I drop my mouth and wonder what is his problem. I let all out and said Mom! Loose that (BEEP)! This guy snap and got tackled by my uncle.


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