Rolling On The Boat Read Count : 48

Category : Songs

Sub Category : Childrens
Little Timmy been bad. That boy stole a sale boat. On the ocean all alone in shore. Ten years old he doesn’t care. Riding on the boat. Sitting next to his favorite bear. Watching the whales passing by. His dad do mind watch his boat. He will snap on anybody if that is missing. Little Timmy rolling around the sea. Without his father around the boat. It’s save with him. Continue fishing on the sea. On till hearing dads voice. Miles away with a scream. He weaves and he said Upoh! I’m in big trouble! The boat rolling somewhere else or punishing for a month. He can’t catch the fish on next day. Dad boat went on missing with his son. People hearing dad yielding and screaming at shipmates. He should not have leaving a small funny boat. Dad rushes and got me from the boat. And the boy hurry on home.


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