Peacock Carry Many Eyes Read Count : 61

Category : Songs

Sub Category : reggae
The lonely bird in the zoo walking around many people. Aqua blue with many feathers. Little kids chasing her with their hands to grab one feather. Poor peacock running away. Till her feathers spungs out with many visions. Kids running away with an spook. That bird is protected. She walking alone on the sidewalk. Sitting on top of the stone. Bigger birdy knows you nearby. Sometimes the feathers falling apart. Or visions keeps the bird frozen. Rather is good or bad. Running so quick to her hidden place. Just like others colors birds. Kids want an feathers to keeping for the years. Save for diary. So glad the feathers doesn’t glow at night. Just like the eyes of those cats. She can see where bird going to. Inside the great bigger nest. She beautiful floating with those feathers.


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