One Tall Building Read Count : 62

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Sub Category : Pop
We building the larger state empire building. Just like New York World Trade Center. And streets filled with noises. It’s time for a newer upgrade building. When people looking up the heights their shock. Getting ready to create something huge. Picture myself as the main boss running the job. Getting pay with my cash in the bank account. Don’t have to struggle and same with my family. Living large in the U.S.A. Begins to build from bottom to the top. It’s going taking years to complete. My friend not afraid of high places. Used to fixing a broken window in his past. Planes will have to watch out from this building. Very tall back to the sky. Just like legends main building. Always be remembered forever. On top of the world with bigger building. Not confuse and scare of heights. Taking pictures of the view. City building just got completed for job sites.


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