Mom And Dad Understand Read Count : 61

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Playing game on the computer. Resee a call from my mother. There’s something wrong in their house. Rush over to see what’s the problem. Dad so angry and same with mom. Can’t have a loving talking. Mom throwing plates and glasses at the wall. While dad leaving mom. She running their bedroom. I help to cleaning their house. So much situation create a problem. My cell phone starts to beeping. But before I go back home. Holding both my parents hands. Telling them to get alone. Looking at the old marry pictures. This is both of you in love. Mom and dad stares in their eyes. To make up and said their sorry. Sitting together there is hope and prayer. God is good news to keeping relationships around. Turning frown into a blessing smiles. So much hearts for both. Don’t let evil destroy the love you got for together. Couples forever.


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