Lollipop Suck Me Up Like A Sucker Read Count : 37

Category : Songs

Sub Category : Rap
Wild ladies in the night stand. Got a favor for your perfect lips. Going to the store and buy yourself a lollipop man. So many colors and crazy words. Licking up and around you like. But it’s long and big ass dick. Got a sucker for you twins. Long hair lemon pie girls. China town the way to please. A pornstar video home. With sucker favor color yellow and green. Sucking the shit outer the ball. Love to see a three some. Playing hard to get this sucker. Turning around with that touge and lollipop. My big ass cock. Barbie girls gets down and nasty with an brother. Unzip my pants and suck this dick. Twist and turning their touges different ways. As possessions demon women. Got the clear ice rocks sucker for y’all to play.


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