If The Truth Didn’t Exist Read Count : 63

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Sub Category : Rap
Black history is our mouth for everybody to admire. For the legends making out slavery  to freedom. If that’s wasn’t the true. We all under controlled. Don’t know what to do in America. Unknown to the freedom leaving us slaves. Jesus Christ our savior from heaven. He died on the cross forgiven our sins. We know the historical from the Bible. And sing our praises music. If religion was a lie. People remains unbelievers. Staying alone in the big world without any faith and strength. Even sinners would be just the story to tell. Bad luck gives people the frown. While trying to score any points. On the gold for some cash to celebrate. If luck was false to all people. There no winning and losing. Only a try for the lottery just a game. No luck to supprise us all. Remember my little friends. If people telling you stories about every histories. And believing .


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