Heart Breaker Read Count : 43

Category : Songs

Sub Category : R&B/soul
Sitting alone the tourist bus. Watching others couples holding hands. Why leaving me alone like this. Please talking to me baby girl. Looking out the window. Others love on board and smile. Feeling my heart beating fast. Without you girl. Listen to the music on the bus. Travel alone without you baby. The sun singing over my face. Yeah. I hate to seeing so many loving faces. Same with birds together in a tree. Me and my woman got into a auring over disagreement s. Missing her already on the metro bus. Notices the wind passing by. Hearing host speaking to everybody. I feeling so sorry for myself. Alone for the day. Can’t call her block number. No,no,no,no. Staring at the clouds looking threw you. Used to smile at anything. Now all alone for the first time.


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