Ghost In The Alley Read Count : 47

Category : Songs

Sub Category : Rock
Walking around in the dark! Alone side walk! What’s that sound coming from! In the dark middle area! Hearing the sound with an visible voice! Must be a man acting the fool! I was going to walking away! Instead got my camera cell phone! And flash at him! The figure scare the crap outer me! That’s spirit is black and bad! Must got killed in the past! With memories of bad days! Feeling the hot air blows around my face! Still hearing aloud angry voice! I was going to running away! But instead I frozen! It’s not winter and summer outside! Just the fall night with leaves coming down! That same man stretches my arms! With little blood dripping down! I taking pictures to show on the web site. My friends was shock! They wanna to catch the bigger figure! A ghost with floats and darkness nights.


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