Frosty Nude Snow Girl Read Count : 13

Category : Songs

Sub Category : Rock
The frosty snow man sitting alone by their house! Filled with lights people shining near those building! The girl across the street is different! With no clothes and longer hair! I drop my mouth and said Wow! The snowman likes her needs to score at night! Little kids cover their eyes and runs! Frosty the snowman wish to cover her up! With if Santa Claus sees what’s their create! I worry he will fall of our roof! There’s something about this girl! If I can move and taking her for a spin! The snowman got needs you know! For a nude snow wife into my life! These silly guys staring and up,oh! Hearing their pants unzipped to jack off. I put my visible hands on my eyes! But guess what she a hottie figure! Others women wanted the snow woman taking down! They got children’s playing outdoors. Instead he place her in the back! Myself wish to sneaking with her! So empty in the front! I got kidnapped by those drunks neighbors. Next to my snow girl with no clothes on!


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