Dogs Escape SPCA Read Count : 17

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Sub Category : Childrens
I working hard to keeping cages close. These dogs is bad and bigger can be. Even smaller dogs wanna fight me. I’m afraid getting attack on my butt. Sitting in the main office to watch the side. On till something isn’t right inside the back room. I grab my tazer to used just in case. All those dogs is gone out of their cages. Looking inside the bathroom. Some dogs having a history drinking water out of toilets. I found one and little puppy. Begins to bark at me. I scream at him and running. Out of the bathroom. To grab a stick to put him in cage. That puppy gets mean and creepy. So I checking in the backyard. Notices few holds in the ground. They was digging out. I see the bigger one eating chicken bone. I trying to catch him. That dog begins to chasing me back in. I just tell the others workers grab those mucks. While they were putting him inside. I refuse to let that devil. This is the job I’m going threw in my life.


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