Can’t Have This Baby Read Count : 61

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Sub Category : R&B/soul
Waiting for the hood news from my doctor. Hope everything going well. My boyfriend at work. Smiling on his paper. Hope to celebrate tonight. When the doctor comes in with a sad news. He said I unable to having children. What if I telling my boyfriend. He will dump me in the bar tonight. I fell on the ground with tears in my eyes. I always wish to having kids. Little boy growing up to be like his father. Baby girl smiles and living joy like me. Why this bad days coming into my life. The nightmare I never had. When the cell phone rings. I having to coming up a lie. I said Hello, Baby doctor didn’t show up today. And I will let you know the details soon. And he said Ok, Baby when I get off from work. We will going to another hospital together. Then I’m shaking really bad. From head to toes. What if this news going bad. Walking back and forth with stretching my head. I worry if he leaves me. I telling him the good and bad news.


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