Black Friday A Crazy Shoopers Read Count : 50

Category : Songs

Sub Category : Pop
The line is pack with many people. Getting for next month Christmas. Seeing every items and devices on sale. Can’t wait for the store to open. Other people trying to cut in line. I said No! My friend, you need to walking back from us! When the gates starts to open people running and shouting. There’s a new game I always wanted. On till that big guy pushes me down. I yielding at him. And said That’s mine!!! And he laugh to pick on me. I got threw in the rest those crowds. Then the disk is gone. Searching for that same big person. It’s too late. The crowds getting tough. And I grab the cell phone to hide before that’s taken. Started running and grab best stuff that’s fair. While others ladies fighting over tv sets. And dvds player too. Those workers got to stop those couples. Even seniors figjting with their canes. The store got even worse then ever.


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