Blood On My Shoulders Read Count : 22

Category : Songs

Sub Category : Rock
So much linking in the bathroom! Smells of fresh in the flim! There’s a ghost with no vision! Singing a song of death bed rocks! Rolling around like a ball! Running as water and red floating slow! Feeling drips on my skins! Taste of candy apple make believe! Writing words on the wall! Too much pain to bear of fame! Got the rocks crystal red! Running over my head! People panic to use the bathroom! Marks and skulls on the floor! Can’t sleep in the tub! Drowning with slime all over my nose! Blood on top from the roof! With spirits eye the prey in the room! Too much screams from the deadly purge! With blood on cloating stains up on the floor! No eyes to see from the ghost of within! Just the blood in the killers hands! Smells of decomposed in the air! With black and red ruling the room! Let the blood floats to my shoulder!


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