You Need A Booty Call The Way You Wanted Read Count : 20

Category : Songs

Sub Category : Rap
Baby girl why so mourning. In the moring wet sweats dreams in your bed. Want a man to comfort you. Talking to you in the bed. I can’t do that at work so busy. Pick up the phone and let’s socialize. While you teasing me with sexy words. I smiling at the otherside. What’s up with your words. Feeling lonely in the morning. Having man problems at home. Let a real player solve the issue. Continue on talking on my cell phone. With many nasty words. Got you wet. While I at the coffee shop order me espresso. Notice you in your living room playing with yourself. Got a 1-800-HOT-LINE for all the ladies. Looking for fun tonight. We brothers are there to talk. On the hotline and callers too. Getting wild and crazy at night. In their house or projects. Don’t do houses sex. Likes to chick chatting all night long.


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