Walking With A Bush Hanging The Side Of My Short Read Count : 61

Category : Songs

Sub Category : Rap
Long hair like Miss Jenny from the block. Got my swag on going to the club. Notices the growth my hair from side of my thighs. I not gonna shave that bush. Feeling wet and smooth. I begins to braiding my hair from pussy to toes. For a style. People staring at me and said Lose that nasty hair. And I said Hell, na! That’s the shit my man likes his chick hairy in those shorts. Stay off my click. Or I gets very crazy. Continue walking my way to the club alone. I into the world hairy guy as the caveman rescue me. He wanna to know what’s on the side from. My shorts like few beans. So I smile with a wink. Got my braids create very long. And we talking longer hitting off in the boys bathroom. Hearing noise telling us to hurry out the dam bathroom.


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